Saturday, July 16, 2005

Help smash Microsoft's hegemony!

For the Mac users out there, might I recommend Neo Office J as a tasty, low-fat alternative to MS Office? It includes high-quality facimiles of Word, Excel and (gag) Powerpoint, plus a primitive paint program and a program for drawing mathematical formulae or SOMETHING that I don't understand at all, but that could maybe be useful if you're into that kind of thing. All of these are perfectly compatable with documents created in MS Office. Plus, it's about two hundred MB smaller than MS Office 2004. And, you know, it's all free.

I had tried NOJ out earlier and liked it, but the deal-breaker in the earlier version was that closing a document caused the entire program to quit--huge pain. The new version remedies that problem, so now I have no reason to use any Microsoft products whatsoever! Hoozah!


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