Friday, July 29, 2005

Random Ten

Whoa--I almost forgot about this extremely vital ritual. And that would have been a shame indeed.

01. The Decemberists, "The Tain"
Lesser bands would have been reluctant to record an eighteen-minute song in five parts based on an ancient Irish epic poem, for fear of being compared to Yes or Emerson Lake & Palmer. But not the Decemberists, for which we should all be thankful (and don't worry; there are no keyboard solos to be found). If anything, this would be classified as's not a genre I'm normally all that fond of, but never mind that: this song rocks my fucking socks off. 10/10

02. Alias, “Divine Disappointment”
A lot of underground rap seems to revel in being as abstruse and difficult to enjoy as possible, but the pleasures of this track are pretty straightforward. I like. 7/10

03. Ennio Morricone, “Almost Dead”
The kind of twangy stuff you expect from Sergio Leone scores. This particular track is too short to really get into, but the soundtrack as a whole is damned impressive. 6/10

04. Calexico, “Ice Cream Jeep”
Have I mentioned how much I love Calexico? Seriously. This is one awesome band, and I need to see them in for this, well, it's hard to really judge a thirty-second snippet of an instrumental. It's meant to be listened to in the context of the whole album. Whatever. Have a six. 6/10

05. The Pogues, “5 Green Queens and Jean"
Man, there's not much good I can say about Hell's Ditch, the album. Okay, so “Wake of the Medusa” is good, in spite of being an obvious retread of “Turkish Song of the Damned,” and some of the others aren't that bad...but honestly, I have difficulty conceiving of how the band that had recorded three of the certifiably shit-kickingest albums EVAH could have decided that a song as dull and trivial as this was worth recording. Meh. 3/10

06. Manic Street Preachers, “She Is Suffering”
A vine that can from a tree. I hate to give two tens in one list, but damn. Actually, I'd probably be forced to give this rating to a good half the songs off this album. Even having listened to it zillions of times...amazing stuff. 10/10

07. Injury, “Final Fantasy Legend 3 Talon Injury”
Yeah, I have a soft spot for the Final Fantasy Legend series, and this activates those wobbly nostalgic feelings. I really wish people would do more with the FFLII soundtrack, though. There are some really damn great tunes be fair, there's a pretty rockass remix of “Burning Blood”--by this very remixer—out there, but come on: I wanna hear “Heroic Tune,” “Aspiration,” the classic “Legacy”--I DEMAND that you get a move on, people! 7/10

08. Ffmusic Dj, “Final Fantasy Trancelude”
Well, this is a techno-y rendition of the immortal Final Fantasy Prelude. In many ways the most standard, predictable remix you'll here. Not bad; just not spectacular, or original. 6/10

09. David Bowie, “I'm Afraid of Americans”
God is an American. Really. Ask any talk radio host. Latter-day Bowie may be an overall dicey affair, but I can't help enjoying this song a lot. 8/10

10. Space, “Me & You vs. the World”
Deeply ludicrous, but no less enjoyable for all that, hand-claps included. Too bad they went all squiggly after Tin Planet. 7/10


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