Thursday, August 31, 2006

Don't say a prayer for me now

Yeah, so I guess this is so duh-inducingly obvious that there's no real point to my saying it, but I'll say it anyway: if "pro-life" groups were really interested in reducing the number of abortions, they would be applauding the morning-after pill being made available over-the-counter, and, in fact, would be pushing for it to be available for minors. The fact that they are instead really pissed off clearly demonstrates--and here I apologize for telling you something you already knew--that what they're really interested in is punishing women for fucking. You know, I could be sort of semi-sympathetic to the "pro-life" cause if it were actually pro-life. But it's not. And it's difficult to be at all sympathetic when all of its most vocal proponents are...well, bad people. It's very frustrating when you hear progressive religious groups talking about the need to engage in "dialogues" with religious conservatives over things like this. That would only be useful if said conservatives were arguing in good faith. Get a clue, guys.

But anyway. The main purpose of this post is to highlight the following excellent quote from the Daily Kent Stater in an article on the subject:

"As far as the age restriction, [Dr. Ray] Leone [chief physician at DeWeese Health Center] said, he does worry about why young teens would need access to such a medication, but he believes they should have the right to purchase it."

Mmm, yes. Why?, indeed. It's a real stumper. So, uh, Dr. Ray, about that medical degree you're claiming to have...well, never mind. Let me explain. It's like this: when a young male teenager and a young female teenager lust after each other very much...


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