Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mad Duck Disease

I know it's an exercise in futility to respond to Tinsley in any way other than by laughing at his incoherence and assholishness while at the same time cruelly mocking his alcoholism, but what the hell--I'm feeling punchy.

I don't know what you're referring to when you say "family values," Bruce--I doubt even you have an entirely clear idea what your dipsomaniacal ravings are about. But since it all boils down to teh secks for the family values crowd, I would guess that, in some incoherent way, you're upset about depictions of characters who have teh secks--or, even worse, teh ghey secks--without then going to hell. But the thing is, Bruce, if this stuff was socially unacceptable, it wouldn't sell, and thus it wouldn't continue to get MADE. Hellyweird didn't become the multi-billion dollar unstoppable killing machine of your nightmares by making movies that people hate. I know it's probably hard to wrap your brain around, but there's this thing called "capitalism," and under this system, companies make money by supplying the people with things that the people want. I somehow was under the impression that you were a fan--but maybe I was wrong!

Yeah yeah, I know--you're an embattled minority, in spite of controlling two out of three of the branches of government and having controlled the other one 'til just this week. Boo fucking hoo. You hear this? It's the world's smallest and whiniest violin. If you don't like capitalism, move to Cuba, America-hater! But I'd hurry--this may be a limited-time offer.



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