Monday, May 28, 2007

Your children will all die of gouda overdoses while blowing crack dealers. After eight o'clock at night.

Here's something from the always-entertaining sun-gazette letters page. It's no fucking WONDER Bushco can manipulate people so easily: we're terrified of our own shadows in this country.

Parents FYI: ‘Cheese’ is coming. Don’t know what ‘Cheese’ is? It’s a new drug kids are using; it is heroin based and very addictive, showing a 600 percent increase in patients for addiction. Plus, there is a very high death rate associated with ‘Cheese’.

Parents not setting boundaries and disciplining bad behavior just is not acceptable unless you don’t care if your kid comes home in a body bag. With this, you handful of good parents need to put a zero tolerance in place now. No dating until 18; home by eight; no sleepovers; no contact with kids that smoke, drink or are screwing around; no booty calls; and adult supervision and checking everyday on the kids. And they are children until the age of 25.

Drugs, smoking, drinking and sex are all interrelated. Any of them makes your kid vulnerable and can lead to codependency and your child adopting this kids behavior. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend too young is pressure that only increases those chances of harming your child. Being sexually active too young is addictive, stunts, growth, lowers intelligence, shortens life and leads to the violent behavior we are seeing all too often.

‘Cheese’ is in the south now, but will be here soon. It is deadly. Are your kids out Fridays and weekends to the drug, drinking, and sex parties now? In the future, when they use “cheese,” will they come home?

Jerry L. Robison

Jersey Shore


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