Sunday, July 05, 2009

Exciting special offer!

Everyone knows about the twelve labors of Hercules--but what many people DON'T know is that there were originally many more than twelve labors. Many of them were cut for reasons of space or because of negative focus tests--but this new edition, painstakingly reconstructed from the original proofs, restores the text as completely as possible! See what you missed out, on including such fantastic segments as:

--Hercules conquers the pine martens!
--Hercules does a totally sweet 720!
--Hercules saves Helsinki from the scourge of littering!
--Hercules teaches little Billy Harrington that you don't need to use bad language to have fun!
--Hercules plays Final Fantasy V until the clock maxes out at 99:59!
--Hercules Tricks or Treats for UNICEF!
--Hercules explores Iowa's rich cultural heritage!
--And MANY more!

This new edition is valued at over a thousand dollars, but it's YOURS for only twelve monthly installments of $39.99! For that price YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO OWN IT! Impress your friends! Terrify your enemies! Kill your classics professors!


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