Sunday, July 05, 2009


Boom has this scheduled for next year. I must say, twenty-five dollars seems AWFULLY DAMNED EXPENSIVE for a hundred twelve pages, hardcover or no. Two of Gemstone's prestige comics would cost slightly less while including more material. Still, the title DOES give me a certain amount of hope: if concentrates on Donald adventures stories, it might include some that I only have in cheap, rapidly-yellowing format. It would definitely be worth it to me for "Old California" and "Big Top Bedlam."

Amazon also lists a Boom edition of the Life and Times, which would be great, except that it's in two volumes for twenty-five dollars each. That would actually be pretty okay if it integrated the gaiden stories into the main narrative, but at just 224 pages total, there's no room for that--nor is there room for Rosa's cool commentary, storyboards, and extra artwork that graced the gemstone versions. I'm still glad it's being made available again, I GUESS, but this doesn't seem like a good deal to me. You can live without most of the gaiden stories (although why would you, given the choice?), but in my opinion, the narrative feels incomplete without "Prisoner of White Agony Creek" and "Hearts of the Yukon." Otherwise, Goldie barely appears, which seems strange given what an important character she is alleged to be.

I guess this is a bone tossed to those diehards among us who are disheartened by the "Hey, kids!" focus of the regular comics. They're banking of the fact that we have historically been known to make poor spending decisions. Fair enough, but I'm still HIGHLY dubious about the whole business model. Still, what makes me hopeful is this: if they

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