Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And in other tales of morally dubious celebrities...

...how 'bout Mel Gibson, eh? Of course, it would be better if famous people WOULDN'T reveal themselves to be insane racists/anti-Semites/misogynists, but is it bad of me to be glad that, if it HAD to happen, the star was Mr. Jesus-Torture-Porn? If so, I don't wanna be good. I'd love to see its Family Values Brigade fanbase react to this--though, if they do so at all, presumably it'll just be by suddenly going all new-criticism on us. That's no fun.

The best part of that audio (for a cynical definition of "best," admittedly) is the part where he starts ranting about how his ex-girlfriends breasts "look stupid"--really, the whole thing reveals him to have the mindset of a particularly malevolent toddler, but just the way he pronounces that, like a contemptuously bored valley girl, really just says all that needs to be said about this creep.

I would pledge to boycott his movies or some shit, but I don't think he's ever made a movie I'd want to see ANYWAY. Foiled again!

PS. As a vile, leftist bleeding-heart type, I have to concede the possibility that Gibson may have genuinely suffered some sort of psychotic break, in which case one should, I suppose, have a measure of sympathy for him--though if you wanna take that to its logical limit, you reach the point where you can't blame anyone for ANYTHING. Anyway, even if this is true, the hatefulness surely didn't come out of nowhere--I'm pretty sure that if *I* suddenly lost my mind, I wouldn't start fulminating about how much I hate women and minorities.


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