Monday, September 06, 2010

Our scenic little trip to Hell continues apace.

So someone had the bright idea to visit youropenbook--a site that allows you to search the facebook statuses of everyone who hasn't manually increased his or her privacy settings--and search for the misspelled keyword "mosk." The result was a flood of racist, anti-Constitution invective from a wide variety of awful, semi-literate people. Mr. Destructo documents some of these in a truly epic blog post. My favorite: some illiterate (even by their standards) pounds out the following hateful gibberish:

Obama has agreed with the muslim race these passed couple of weeks and the muslims are goin to be building a mosk (a muslim church) next to GROUND ZERO where they knocked down our twin tours. And on the sign of the church its goin to say in the muslim language "WE CONQUERED". That just tells u there that Obama is a MUSLIM. . I think we should nuke them all over there and turn there air green. Comment if u agree.

But that's not all: apparently worried that he might not have entirely cemented his position as the quintessential Ugly American, it transpires that in his "favorite books" section, he also wrote, simply: "Reading Is Gay." Il n'y a pas de mot.

The thing is, "father forgive them, for they know not what they do" is sufficient to sort of rationalize such people, even if appalled, incredulous laughter is more cathartic. But here's the other thing: there are plenty of republicans who are perfectly literate, and who don't think of themselves as racist goons who hate the First Amendment. And yet, they are going to vote for teabagger candidates in November, in spite of the full knowledge that their candidates' MAIN BASE consists of people like the "reading is gay" guy. Sure, some of them, like Beck and Gingrich, are just irredeemably evil people, but I'm pretty sure they aren't all so deeply cynical. In fact, I doubt that the thought "you know, if I'm aligning myself with such self-evidently monstrous creatures, I must be doing something wrong" will ever even cross their minds. And here is where the analysis ends, because I'm just stymied. I honestly don't know what one can possibly say about people like that, apart from being pretty sure that it's not anything good.


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