Saturday, October 09, 2010

Bruce Tinsley is a thoroughly disgusting person.

Yeah, I've talked more than my share of trash about Mallard Bloodpool in the past, but this week has definitely been Tinsley's ne plus ultra. You, reader, are an intelligent person, so unlike me, you almost certainly haven't been keeping up with his excretions, but this week has been a "hilarious" series about how all Muslims are bloodthirsty, subhuman savages. Think I'm overstating the case? Well, if you MUST see for yourself, click here and work your way forward.

It's really quite extraordinary, the way he doesn't feel the need to make even the most half-assed of "I'm-not-saying-ALL-Muslims..." disclaimers. That's apparently unnecessary in our current political climate, which is scary as fuck. Never mind the fact that with even the tiniest bit of research, one could find any number of violence-denouncing Muslims--that, of course, is beside the point, which is plain ol' dehumanization. It wouldn't matter if the billion-plus peaceful Muslims in the world spent all their waking hours engaged in non-stop self-flagellation over every single outrage that can even remotely be traced to their coreligionists--nothing will ever, EVER be enough for Tinsley and his ilk, and in fact, any denunciations are just greeted as evidence that, HA, we TOLD you all Muslims are violent--they even ADMIT as much!

You know, I grew up with Muslim friends; I've had Muslim fellow-students, colleagues, coworkers--and (I know this goes without saying for anyone who isn't a throughly hate-warped monster, but bear with me) they exhibit the normal range of human behaviors that everyone else does. I suppose it's easy to just denounce them as a group if you've never ever MET, let alone had any meaningful interactions, with any of them, but if you have, this bullshit just becomes even more unconscionable. Here you have regular people trying to lead regular lives, and then you have a loathsome, cowardly little shit like Tinsley calling them "creatures" right there on the fucking comics page. Of course, Tinsley himself doesn't amount to anything, but this is just another brick in the wall--it relates back to my previous crie de coeur about the "ground-zero" "mosque." But I just cannot fucking forgive these hateful, empathically-withered monsters who don't give a shit about the lives they destroy as long long as WHAT? For some it's a cynical matter of political gain, but god KNOWS what Tinsley thinks he's getting out of this. I don't really think he's smart/canny enough to be thinking in those terms. I suppose it's just more goddamn tribalism.

Anyway, not that HE cares, but I sent him the following email:


I just wanted to say I've been really enjoying your strips this week pointing out how all Muslims are barbaric, subhuman savages. I know some people who claim that it's somehow "wrong" or "unfair" or "monstrously evil" to dehumanize a quarter of the world's population, but they've just been influenced by the liberal media. I keep TELLING them that the only reliable sources for news are Fox, Rush, and Stormfront, but they just won't listen. Pft.

Anyway, good luck with the Nobel Prize thing [referring to this]. I'm pretty sure spewing mindless bigotry is exactly what the committee members are looking for, so you should be in like Flynn.

Your biggest fan,

All I want for Christmas is some Western Civilization.


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