Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"The Untold Death of Defeat"

This is a little round-table story thing I did in eighth grade with my friend Zac and some other kid; I don't remember who, but I suspect that he or she may not have been on quite the same wavelength as we were.

Zac: There was once a demon who had a keen talent. Its name was Defeat. It had the power to kill anyone instantly by shouting its name. Truly Defeat was a tough competitor, but believe it or not, Defeat was defeated. This is how it happened.

Me: one day, a brave pair of heroes came down to the underworld where the demon lived. One was a brave warrior, the other a mighty wizard. The warrior attacked the demon. It yelled his name, but the wizard used a spell to reflect the defeat, and the demon was killed. But then, a huge army of demons came and attacked them!

???: The attack lasted days and days. Nothing exciting was happening.


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