Monday, May 28, 2012

Great Mad Men episode...or the greatest Mad Men episode?

Aw man...usually, I can identify parts of an episode that I liked better than others; not so tonight--nothing out of place, and not a moment wasted.  A fucking triumph.


I'll miss Peggy, of course, but this was definitely a good decision on the part of the show runners, I think--there was really no other way her arc could end up, unless she's just meant to be a failure, which would be depressing.  It would be like in Star Trek: TNG, where we are repeatedly told that Riker wants above all else to be a captain, and yet he keeps finding increasingly bullshit excuses for not taking his opportunities when they arise.

UPDATE: Of course, I could be wrong about that, but IF she remains a regular character, it would have to be in a completely different context.  Otherwise, I'm callin' bullshit.  Her getting into the elevator as "You Really Got Me" strikes up was pretty definitive.  Don't let me down, Weiner!


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