Sunday, March 10, 2013

A REAL milestone.

Yeah, getting the PhD was nice and all, but that's NOTHING compared to the fact that as of today, my gamefaqs account has accrued five thousand karma, giving me the official user level of "? Block" (for those not in the know, you gain one point of karma per day you log in).  It's been a looooong time since I actually used my account to actually talk about videogames, as opposed to just compulsively logging in to gain karma, but I feel weirdly satisfied about this achievement.  It took twelve and a half years, after all.

The other bonus is that I now can post on the five-thousand-karma-and-up message board, called "The Mushroom Kingdom."  I'm telling you, it's pre-tty sweet.  How sweet?  Well, right now there are eight topics there: five of them are people (including me) going "I just achieved five thousand karma!;" one is people talking about how we should get some sort of bonus for our lofty karmic ratings; one is people posting when they reach a palindromic karma level; and one is people talking about how topic-purging works on the site.  That place is out of control.


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