Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Very Old Post

Whilst sojourning in Canada, I became a big fan of Buck 65 after buying his at the time new album Talkin Honky Blues, on which he raps like Tom Waits. As quickly as possible, I went ahead and picked up his entire back catalogue, which, while inconsistent, has some really great stuff. So when do we get a new album? When I saw him live last winter, he claimed to have a whole 'nother album recorded and ready, and he played a few songs from this mythical beast. And they were good. But since then...nothing. So when I visited his intensely-annoying flash-based website today and immediately saw a notice for a new disc to be released in January, I was happy, in spite of the cringe-inducing title "This Here is Buck 65." But then I googled for it and quickly discovered that, in fact what we have here is a compilation. To introduce him to an American audience. Fucking Americans! As always, you're ruining everything! Or maybe I should say Fucking record company! Would it have killed you to just give THB a higher-profile US release? Stop wasting our time!


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