Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Last night, I witnessed the truly sickening spectacle of Senator Ben "Torture Is Way Cool!" Nelson ("D"-NE) being interviewed on The Daily Show. He went on about how Bush gave him a nickname, but oh, he didn't like his nickname, so he asked for another, but what he REALLY wanted was his own nickname, that he would choose himself, and President Bush, that swell guy, agreed to call him "Benator." Gag me.

He also talked about how it's necessary to cooperate with the republicans whenever possible: "the American people don't like opposition just for opposition's sake." Hey, "Benator"--fuck you. He want a goddamn opposition party. We don't WANT you to play nice. Stewart seemed a bit non-plussed by his aggressively non-aggressive attitude; I was just nauseated. Watching things like this, it's difficult not to think: oh god, we're all doomed.


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