Monday, March 21, 2005


Man, is this Terry Schiavo thing sickening, or what? I mean, I knew that Our Friends to the Right were not very scrupulous people, but it's difficult to imagine another situation so singularly grotesque as this one. They really are absolutely amoral, aren't they? I mean, I know it's seemed that way before, but this makes an exquisite coup de grĂ¢ce. They will do literally anything to cement their power, explicitly and emphatically including necrophilia. There are times when I think, hmm, this doesn't quite add up: how is it possible that I am right about everything and they are wrong? I mean, what are the chances that MY beliefs should just happen to perfectly dovetail with reality? But then I see things like this, and I think, well, come on, how hard IS it to choose the moral high road when THESE guys are representing the other side? I mean, if, say, God came down and informed me that my taste in music, literature, or videogames sucked, I would be willing to concede the point. If he came down and told me that the republicans were his chosen party--well, then I'd have to call bullshit and pull off his mask. And if it turned out he really WAS God--well, an eternity in the ol' pit o' fire seems a small price to pay. I want nothing to do with a cosmology in which the gop is ascendant.


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