Friday, April 22, 2005

God I hate that guy.

Man, I wanted to write something yesterday, but motherfuckin' blogspot was down. Whatever. You know what was fucking awful? Dennis Fucking Miller on The Daily Show on Wednesday. Oh, it was bad. Really, REALLY bad. The man had nothing interesting to say; he was obviously just running through a prescripted routine...which would have been okay if it was, like, funny. But such was not the case. The least offensive part was the non-political parts...they were annoying and dumb, and he was apparently under the impression that his little clever-clever pop culture references were funny in and of themselves...actually, it kinda made you want to hit him. But what was really bad was when he went on this idiotic fucking know-nothing rant about why climate change is not a problem and how he's against the use of renewable energy sources..."I don't know dick about science, but I apparently think that my moronic scientific opinions are valid nonetheless." Of course, he used to be less smarmily right-wing...why he now feels the need to carry water for this crap is anyone's guess. I mean, seriously, what's he think he's accomplishing? Everyone fucking hates him now; he wasn't joking when he commented at the beginning of the interview that he wished he had Stewart's audience. Am I suppose to assume that this is REAL CONVICTION here? Could he genuinely be that fucking stupid? The mind boggles. Still, that wasn't the worst part: the worst part was his cute little war-justification thing. Since I can't find a transcript, I'll paraphrase as best I can remember: "After 911, it would have been great if there was a country called Alqaedia we could invade. But there wasn't--so Saddam and his sons won the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's death tour." Yes, he did taint Roald Dahl with his vile spewage. This wasn't just unfunny--this was fucking OBSCENE, and I think most people are so used to bullshit like this that they don't quite realize how much so it is. There's little enough danger of Miller himself coming into harm's way through the Iraq war to render the possibility statistically insignificant. But he has no problem sitting back, casually talking about how "we" had to do this, death, destruction, untold suffering, whatever, "we" had to do SOMETHING, and anyway, isn't it funny, haha, look, cutesy pop culture reference. Miller has no capacity for empathy; who needs basic human decency when you can sit on your ass all day and make dumb jokes about all the people "we" are killing...obviously, Miller is far from alone here, but it really struck me, seeing him. At least politicians have to make token lip service to not being complete monsters. But here, their mentality was revealed in all its ugly glory.

And, I hate to say it, but Stewart himself was pretty disappointing throughout this outrage. He's not a confrontational interviewer on the best of days, but MAN...he did that hysterical laugh thing he does at EVERY GODDAMN ONE of Miller's lame jokes. Including the "Willy Wonka" thing. I have to assume this was nothing but politeness, but come on, least make SOME effort to temper the stupidest parts. You're way better-liked and more popular than he is, dude. There's no need to be a suck-up.


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