Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It would be stupid and obnoxious of me to claim some sort of high-and-mighty disdain for those lowly videogames; I still play a select few of them when the mood takes me. But crikey, man...the EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS at this year's E3 are producing something in me that seems to go beyond mere apathy. New consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Gosh. Not only do these revelations fail to set my world on fire, but I'm having a great deal of trouble getting into the mindset of someone who would find them exciting. Incrementally flashier graphics coupled with, by all appearances, the exact same vacantly pretty gameplay that bored me so on the PS2. Come on, people, what do you think's gonna happen? That if only your games can reach that final, crowning polygon count, you'll have an epiphany and suddenly understand the secret of the universe? It's the same old shit as always; how can you possibly find it more than very mildly mildly interesting? If you visit gaming site right now, you will see that, in the section linking to their forums, there is a splashquote proclaiming that "PS3 and Revolution will blow Xbox 360 away!" This is evidently meant to be provocative; to spur you to indignantly click on the link and start shouting at strangers. But how can you possibly summon the passion to...okay, assuming I haven't already, I'm quite obviously going to fall into that "stupid and obnoxious" thing very shortly if I don't stop now. So let me close on a positive and thus possibly hypocritical note: New Super Mario Bros looks to die for. And, though I'm not generally much for action films, this trailer for Advent Children looks really goddamn cool.

And all.


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