Monday, June 27, 2005

Bits & Bites

1. Yup, the Kelo v. New London decision is really, really fucked up, and I cannot TELL you how pissed off I am to have to agree with fucking Thomas and Scalia, but jayzus, what the hell is WRONG with the alleged "good guys" in this situation? The mind, she boggles.

2. A cynicism-free moment: This story is incredibly inspiring, and this woman NEEDS to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

3. I don't like a sponge mop! I like a string mop!" Via World o' Crap (I can't be bothered to make a link--it's right in the sidebar), a truly bizarre/creepy story. This is what happens when they try to be amusing, apparently. Would it be too much to ask who gave this woman a doctorate? And in what?


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