Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Jesus Christ died for nothing, I suppose.

"Bush Says War Is Worth Sacrifice," sez the Washington Post. long as the "sacrifice" involves some other mother's son...more tax cuts, anyone?

I did not witness last night's distraction. Because frankly, watching that vile little ratfucking war criminal nauseates me. Still, whenever he's set to give a speech like that, I half-hope/wonder if he's going to do something unscripted and just offer a surprise resignation right then and there. I mean honestly, it's his only hope. Surely he must *realize* on some level that, super happy fuzzy talk notwithstanding, things are going to hell and there is no chance of them improving? Sure, for some unfathomable reason forty percent of America still thinks he's doing a swell job, but funny thing about bubbles: they have this tendency to burst.

I'm thinking realistically here: I know that the odds of the man experiencing a crisis of conscience are approximately the same as the odds of us actually winning the war on terra--but you'd think that, for purely pragmatic reasons, he'd want to get the hell out of there. The tryant's mind functions much like that of any other criminal: they just don't factor the possiblity of getting caught into their plans. It's why the notion of the death penalty as a "deterent" is a crock of shit.

And hey, sometimes they're right: Stalin stayed in power and died of natural causes. But this ain't Stalinist Russia, and in spite of the increasingly overheated rhetoric of your more fascist-leaning right-wing pundits, I don't think it's going to be anytime in the near future, either. Seems to me that if bush doesn't give up of his own accord, he's gonna be remembered--in a best-case (from his point of view) scenario--as a dumber, less ethical version of RMN. Sure, Reagan remains a saint in the republican canon, but, shittastic as he was, he lacked one single, defining clusterfuck of proportions quite as massive as those of the Iraq debacle.

Get out while you can, Georgie. Mea culpas issued after you've been caught tend to be less than believable.


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