Sunday, June 19, 2005

My brother writes letters

Editor, Sun-Gazette:
I have been distressed and disturbed by the recent Mallard Fillmore cartoons written by Bruce Tinsley and published by the Sun-Gazette. While allegations that certain reports of human rights violations at Guantanamo were exaggerated have been constantly made by Bush loyalists, Tinsley's usage of naked Donald Rumsfeld imagery in repeating these charges stretches the boundaries of good taste.
When I read the daily comic pages I do not commonly expect the image of the nude secretary of defense to be thrust into my mind. Tinsley's fixation on the subject challenges the conventions of polite society enjoyed by Williamsport residents. Moreover, repugnance at the thought of a disrobed Rumsfeld is something that I believe Republicans, Democrats and independents can agree on. For the common good, I urge Tinsley to focus more on intelligent humor and less on presidential Cabinet nudity.
Jeremy Moses


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

ew. that comic was so NOT necessary.

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