Friday, June 24, 2005

Raise what's left of the flag for me

"'Ask the men and women who stood on top of the World Trade Center,' said Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA). "Ask them and they will tell you: pass this [anti flag desecration] amendment.'"

Ha ha! Good one, Rep Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA)! I'm sure that was the FIRST thing on their minds! Sure, some anti-American librul traitor-types would say that you're cynically exploiting the dead to make to make political capital over something that couldn't possibly be less important, but I say...oh, fuck it, I can't do this. What en evil little fucktard. It seriously doesn't get much more vile than this. Like most Americans, I have no particular interest in flag-burning. It is not something I would particularly care to invest time and effort in. I mean, sure, it may not be the all-time most aesthetically pleasing flag on god's green earth but honestly, who but a bunch of dimwitted "patriots" could possibly CARE about it?

But you better believe that that would change toute de suite the instant this misbegotten amendment were to pass. On that day, I'm hying my ass down to Target, picking up a dozen or so cheapass flags along with some gasoline, and WHOOSH! Those motherfuckers are going up in flames! Let's have us a barbecue! You're all invited! We'll take some good pictures to send to "Duke" while we're at it.

And I'm sure we'd hardly be the only ones. In fact, it is quite apparent to anyone with half a functioning brain that the net effect of this amendment would be a dramatic increase in flag-immolation. But hey, that would only be an issue for them if they actually gave a flying fuck about it, as opposed to using it to desperately try to distract attention from the unholy clusterfuck of massive proportions that the Iraq is becom--HEY! LOOK OVER THERE! SOME DIRTY HIPPIES ARE SETTING OL' GLORY ON FIRE! ARE US REAL MURCANS GONNA STAND FOR THAT?!? SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT!!!!11

And so it goes. Is it getting warm in here?


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