Monday, July 11, 2005

People with way too much spare time

Seriously, man, I find Grand Theft Auto on the whole to be pretty crass, but give me a break. Here's my favorite bit:

In taking on the Grand Theft Auto series, Mr. Yee was going after a well-known target. "This particular game has been known to include extremely heinous acts of violence," his statement said, "and now it has been uncovered that the game also includes explicit sexual scenes that are inappropriate for our children."

Yeah, it's always about the children, innit? Apparently, "extremely heinous acts of violence" are one thing, but "expicit sexual scenes"...well that's just beyond the pale. Okay, so it isn't exactly an amazing new discovery that we in America have a serious violence vs. sex double standard. But the point is this: no pure-as-the-cold-driven-snow children are in danger of being corrupted here. Any kid with the technological wherewithal to access the bad sex scenes in GTA has undoubtedly familiarized himself (or herself, I suppose, but...come on) with online pornography that's a LOT more graphic than anything you'd find in this game. Exactly whom do you think you're protecting here, Mr. Yee?

And, of course, the other, more important, questions: exactly what do these "explicit sexual scenes" consist of? And can we see some screenshots? It's VITAL that we know exactly what we're up against here! Do it for the children!


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

man, do i <3 hypocrisy like that. three cheers for hypocrisy.

which reminds me...w wants to get in three new supreme court justices. may god help us all in a completely non right wing way.

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