Saturday, July 09, 2005

Random Ten

I would have posted this yesterday, but my internets connection was fuct for some reason.

1. The Clash, “Junco Partner”
A lesser Clash song, for sure. Pretty damn boring. Not as annoying as some songs off Sandinista! that we could name, however. 3/10

02. The Pogues, “Cotton Fields”
Feels a little undeveloped, but it’s still pretty good for a latter-day Pogues song. 6/10

03. Calexico, “Hot Rail”
An ambient kind of thing. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy the band’s instrumentals. 7/10

04. McVaffe, “Castlevania Adventure Quasikaotic”
For future reference, any song with the name of a videogame at the beginning is likely from OCRemix. I like this song, though probably less so if I weren’t familiar with the original. Fuzzy nostalgia, and all that. 6/10

05. Kimagure Orange Road, “Actress in the Mirror”
KOR has the most consistently great music of any anime short of Cowboy Bebop (okay, and maybe Utena), and this is one of the best. 10/10

06. Zeratul, “Chrono Trigger Millennial Fair 2001”
Kind of fun, but I’m not at all sure that this kind of techno-lite suits the source material. And the less said about the voice samples the better. 5/10

07. The Pogues, “Sit Down by the Fire”
Whoa, two Pogues songs? What will happen next? as my dad always asks in a deadpan tone when you excitedly tell him something about videogames or something else he has little interest in. This one’s the better of the two. 8/10

08. Manic Street Preachers, “Elvis Impersonator Blackpool Pier”
Twenty foot high on Blackpool Promenade! A classic for sure. 9/10

09. Squeeze, “If I Didn’t Love You”
Not Squeeze’s all-time best, but still catchy. 7/10

10. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Abattoir Blues”
Hard to believe how good Cave’s last album is. I had really thought he was done. Not the album’s highlight (that would be “There She Goes, My Beautiful World”), but…very, very good. 8/10


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