Thursday, October 20, 2005

Random Ten

For "your" "entertainment." Now in addition to the songs being random, it's random when or if I'll even post it at all! Sweet!

01. The Tossers, “Altercation”
The lyrics are very hard to understand, but it appears to be one of their awful stabs at social commentary. Tune’s all right, though. 5/10

02. Commie64, “Hate”
Short but sweet; pretty much gets the theme across, although that’s probably largely because of the title...7/10

03. Ennio Morricone, “A Fistful of Dollars Suite”
Long, thirteen-and-a-half-minute medley of music from the film. Great stuff. 9/10

04. They Might Be Giants, “Boat of Car”
I took my boat for a car. I took that car for a ride. I was trying to get somewhere but now I’m following the traces of your fingernails that run along the windshield on the boat of car. Early TMBG stuff could be creepy as well as just weird. 8/10

05. Primus, “Coattails of a Dead Man”
I only got this from somewhere because it has guest lyrics from Tom Waits. I’d love to hear him sing the whole song, but it’s quite good in any case. 8/10

06. Echo and the Bunnymen, “Blue Blue Ocean”
This one’s good. Nice and atmospheric. 8/10

07. Leonard Cohen, “I Tried to Leave You”
Surprisingly bland little number from the Bard. 4/10

08. Emerson Lake and Palmer, “Karn Evil, 3rd Impression”
I’m not claiming to be too cool to like this. Just that the computer voice—along with much else—is too cheesy for words. You might be better off sticking with “1st Impression, part 2,” which is the “welcome back my friends the show that never ends” bit. I do like that one. 5/10

09. Joy Division, “I Remember Nothing”
Man, it would’ve been more surprising if he hadn’t killed himself. 9/10

10. Pulp, “Death II”
I wish I would actually hear this at a discotheque sometime, because I’d love to shake along to it.. Don’t quote me on this, but I think that “Death I” might be an alternate title for “Countdown.” Or possibly “Death Goes to the Disco.” 9/10



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