Friday, April 14, 2006

Random *ten*

Given the mass panic, chaos, looting, and strongly-worded letters to the editor that ensued when I tried including eleven songs, we are now going back to the usual ten. It looks like there are some things humanity just isn't yet evolved enough to accept.

01. DeVotchKa, “Commerce City Sister”
Kind of good gypsy-ish thing. 7/10

02. Futurama, “My Broken Friend”
That robot’s name I never told you—you could not foresee! I think this is hilarious, but non-fans of the show may not be so taken. 8/10

03. Graylightning, “Final Fantasy 4 Phoenix Symphonic”
To my mild shame, I can’t quite figure out what actual FFIV tune this is based on. It’s okay. Very slick and professional-sounding, but I don’t love it. 6/10

04. Squeeze, “Vicky Verky”
Seriously, this may be Squeeze’s best song. Really unbelievably catchy and poignant. 10/10

05. Stan Ridgway, “Valerie Is Sleeping”
One night we walked into a field; behind the trailer park she kneeled. The moon was hanging like a mask. I lost my temper for the last time then. My life went wrong when I met Valerie. Oh yeah. 9/10

06. Gordon Lightfoot, “Old Dan’s Records”
Ha! I loved this song when I was small. And you can see why. It’s, like, good. And stuff. 8/10

07. Bit Shifter, “Hexadecimal Genome”
Even if you don’t like this retro-bleepy stuff in general, you might enjoy Bit Shifter’s latest release, which is, simply, really catchy and fun. 8/10

08. Tom Waits, “Telephone Call from Istanbul”
Never trust a man in a blue trenchcoat; never drive a car when you’re dead. This clanks along quite nicely. 8/10

09. Leonard Cohen, “Everybody Knows”
Everybody knows that you’re in trouble, everybody knows what you’ve been through, from the bloody cross on top of Calvary to the beach of Malibu. I sort of feel like this deserves a ten, but…oh, what the hell. 10/10

10. Benefit, “Warp to World 6-9”
Gawd. I have no idea where or when or why I got this. It’s an incredibly asinine Mario-themed rap about how Mario’s reason for wanting to rescue the princess is…fergawdsake, must I really spell it out? The rapper (“Benefit,” I assume) actually has pretty good flow, but I really don’t like it. 2/10



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