Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gee, maybe we should check HIS ASS

That's how you go about citing your sources, is it? So...are you, like, a college graduate? How'd that happen? But rather than just drawing an angry red circle around these claims and make you revise them, I was far more charitable than the circumstances would have required and did checking. Mind-blowing though it seems, leafing through the Sun-Gazette did not reveal any relevant stories. But if you can't trust clownhall for sober, unbiased reporting about how all Americans except us hate America...well, we're in bigger trouble than I thought. So yeah. Since you put "patriotic clothing" in scare quotes, let's search for that, shall we?

Quel surprise. Other searches that returned no results: "patriotic clothes," "patriotic apparel," "patriotic t-shirt," "pro-america clothing." Sorry, Bruce, but you FAIL Intro to Research Methods.

Since for some unfathomable reason I feel it incumbent on me to do your research for you, I will note that you probably meant to cite things like this and this and...yeah, the Dan Diego and Colorado things are basically it. So yeah. Two school districts...out of how many thousands?--are trying to prevent students from taunting one another and inciting violence and whatnot. How terribly your people are made to suffer. You're kind of like Jesus, only more whiny.

(so did Bruce not specifically cite these stories because he's incompetent, or because most people would find them less than shocking? Stupidity, or intellectual dishonesty? Why can't it be both!)



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