Thursday, July 27, 2006

Such things shall never come to pass!

So, like, did Jim Davis die or something? And was surreptitiously replaced? I only ask because, inexplicably, the last week of Garfield has actually had...a plotline. With characters. It's actually kind of...intentionally amusing, which it hasn't been for lo these many years. It's pretty unbelievable. If he's not dead, mayhaps he just had a sudden spasm of guilt over the transcendental laziness with which he's been approaching the strip. Maybe he actually wants people to like it. And if he keeps this up--unlikely as that seems--it might just work. Damn, Jim, you're going to ruin the humor of Existentialist Garfield. What? You don't remember Existentialist Garfield? To wit:


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

haha...i think we should all strive to such levels of productivity in our everyday lives.


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