Thursday, August 31, 2006

Damn, I guess I got skooled.

Don't you love Tinsley's habit of flinging accusations around and then providing extremely vague links that critics are evidently required to sift through or else I win, nyah nyah nhya! Libruls!

So anyway, because we're masochists or summit, we visit the Media blah blah website, run by the extremely whiny Brent Bozell (who, it has been pointed out, resembles both Dr. Zaius and Youppi, the Montreal Expos' mascot).

The first thing we notice is that, for some reason, pulling up this site causes our computer to...go really, really slowly. Dude. Even really dodgy porn sites don't do that. Get your acts together.

Soldiering on...

Currently, the top piece of terrible bias dominating the site is this bit of quasi-literacy:

On Countdown, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann delivered a vitriolic personal attack on Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, inferring he is “not a prophet” but “a quack.”

Yeah, from this one might imply that the Media Whatsit are idiots. But it also reminds me: be sure to check out the segment in question. It's awesome.

Yeah, so anyway, wading even deeper into the mud, I actually was able to find the column to which Tinsley was referring. If you want to see a whole lotta whining about South Park and The DaVinci Code (and who wouldn't?), be sure to check it out. It's certainly demonstrated to *my* satisfaction that Christians today are basically like concentration camp inmates.



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