Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Mallard Fillmore: because it's both easy and fun.

The racism and misogyny are so de rigeur for Mallard that there's not much point in dwelling on them; what I think would be highly entertaining, however, would be to shove a microphone in Bruce Tinsley's face at some unguarded moment and ask, quick! What's the last DWM-penned book you've read! If I were a betting man, I'd say that it was probably something required by a course. And he probably didn't even particularly like it; he just feels obliged to uphold the status quo because David Horowitz or someone told him he should. I suspect that his literary taste runs more towards the Regnery oeuvre.

You underestimate yourself, Tinsley. I can think of nothing more delightful than hearing you spend a week listing all the teachers you hated. And it's not as though stretching dubious premises far beyond their breaking point isn't what you do.



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