Monday, August 28, 2006

Random ten: it's back!

You thought I'd forgotten, didn't you? Well all I have to say to that is, more fool you. More. Fool. You.

01. Steeleye Span, “Following Me”
Horrifically cheesy. The fact that it was the eighties is no excuse. Okay as unintentional comedy, but otherwise, man…3/10

02. McCarthy, “Kill Kill Kill Kill”
Yeah, the only reason I ever looked into this band at all was because I liked the Manic Street Preachers’ cover of “We Are All Bourgeois Now.” They’re really pretty minor. Pleasant yet forgettable jangly pop, notwithstanding the revolutionary sensibility. 4/10

03. Gordon Bok, “All My Friends”
Huh. Hadn’t really listened to this before, but it’s quite good, if a touch short of classic. 7/10

04. Salty Dog, “Fogarty’s Cove”
I like this song. And it reminds me of being in Montreal where I heard this band and got this album. So that’s also good. 8/10

05. The Zombies, “Beechwood Park”
Very, very sixties. But not in an insufferable way. Very atmospheric/bittersweet/melancholy; one of the band’s best. 8/10

06. Dust Rhinos, “One More Ale Before We Go”
Sort of sloppily sentimental in a bleary-eyed kind of way. But I like it. 7/10

07. The 101ers, “Motor Boys Motor”
Pre-Clash Joe Strummer! Fast, energetic fun. 7/10

08. Mary Gauthier, “The Ledge”
Driving. Dramatic. Aweseome. 10/10

09. Suede, “Daddy’s Speeding”
Broken glass and teenage boys, trapped in steel and celluloid. As with most of Dog Man Star, this is pretty much a classic. 9/10

10. Meat Loaf, “Good Girls Go to Heaven (bad girls go everywhere)”
I won’t apologize for liking this. Everyone’s music library has a place for some histrionic melodrama, especially when it’s done this well. 8/10



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