Thursday, September 21, 2006

CD reviews

I feel as though I need to post something, but I'm short of ideas. Even Mallard Fillmore is letting me down lately, with some deeply boring UN-bashing. So right now, I will review all of the CDs sitting on my desk, musical and otherwise. It's not very many, since, what with the ipod, I don't keep many music discs on hand.

Psalteria, Scaleria D'oro/Balabile--Two CDs by a Czech "Medieval Ladies' Band." They're very atmospheric, with some nice singing, though the language barrier does mean that a lot of it's kind of samey. Still, if you like Dead Can Dance-type stuff, you could do worse.

Miles Davis, Bitches Brew--These are CDs that I brought with me to burn, incidentally. There's no other real reason for their presence. But I'm afraid I'm too stupid to appreciate jazz. I mean, as background music, okay, but as an active listening

Blind Faith--The cover picture of the naked thirteen-year-old girl creeps me the fuck out, but otherwise, it's not a bad album. And there is something ineffably satisfying about having a group's entire output on one disc.

In Their Own Voices: A Century of Recorded Poetry (volumes 1-4)--This was a gift from Kate. It's pretty amazing, really. It's especially useful for a poetically-challenged guy like me to discover new stuff. And, dude: the first track of the first disc is Walt Whitman. Seriously, how amazing is that?

Adobe Creative Suite (six discs)--Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and some other assorted crud that doesn't spring to mind. Yes! Indeed. Undeniably useful, although my skill is such that I can unlock maybe two percent of their potential. Awesome!

Fallout/Fallout 2--Obtained pretty dern cheaply, even though the Mac version of Fallout 2 is kind of rare. Great games. What irritates the fuck out of me? That Black Isles' best game by far, Planescape: Torment, was the only one not to be ported to the Mac. Goddamnit, you people...

Blank CDs (case of ten)--Think about all the amazing potential these have! They could be used for anything! Possibly even makeshift murder weapons! Rad to the max, dude!

And that's it. Man, that was lame.


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