Saturday, September 02, 2006

Random ten: making up for lost time

01. Emmylou Harris, "I'll Go Stepping too"
I like this one a whole lot. Nice, mischievously feminist lyrics. And dig those fiddles! 9/10

02. Blood or Whiskey, "Shattered Dreams"
For gods' sake, why are the lyrics shoved so far back in the mix? This is pretty good, but it could have been really good with better production. 6/10

03. Nick Cave, "The Mercy Seat"
This song has a very simple melody that can be kind of numbing, but I think that's intentional, and given the subject matter, it works. For my money, it doesn't quite rank up there with Cave's best scary, driving, deranged work (e.g., "Tupelo," "Papa Won't Leave You Henry," "Do You Love me?," "Up Jumped the Devil"), but it's still quite good. 7/10

04. 16 Horsepower, "Black Soul Choir"
Every man is evil yeah every man a liar, unashamed with the wicked tongues sing in the black soul choir. One of their most fire-and-brimstoney songs. I hope DEE isn't upset that irreligious people like me enjoy his music without feeling the faintest impulse to engage in any sort of soul-searching. Then again, I guess I don't much care. Regardless, this is pretty fucking great. 9/10

05. Kimagure Orange Road, "Night of Summerside"
I have the sense that this one might have come up before, but I care not. It's a j-pop classic. Great show, too. 10/10

06. Kula Shaker, "Magic Theatre"
Definitely one of the lesser songs from K, but come right down to it, it's not that bad. It just disappoints compared to the full on neo-psychedelic rockage of classics like "Hey Dude," "Knight on the Town," and "Govinda." 5/10

07. Jethro Tull, "Inside"
Okay if unexceptional rocking from Ian and company. 6/10

08. Joni Mitchell, "Big Yellow Taxi"
They paved paradise etcetera. I feel like kind of a fraud: I'm not a real Mitchell fan; I only have this 'cause it's famous. But I like it! Goddamnit. 8/10

09. Calexico, "Losing Hand"
Some sort of obscure live thing I got somewhere. Did I mention that I saw Calexico live this past Summer? With Kate! That was great; this song is just pretty okay. 6/10

10. The Handsome Family, "Far from Any Road"
Rennie sings! And not in a jokey way like in "Down in the Ground," but dramatically, making for one of the band's best songs. 9/10



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