Friday, September 22, 2006

There are no blogs.

Sadly, fafblog appears to be defunct, meaning there are no blogs in the world. This isn't a blog; it's just a bombed-out, deserted outpost along the weed-choked, shattered highway of the desolate, post-blog landscape. A bit like Fallout, only without the retro-fifties futurism kitsch. You could walk for miles and miles in any direction without encountering a single, solitary soul, until, of course, you were overcome by radiation poisoning. I believe the chances of that happening would be extremely high. The better option would be to back away slowly from this whole so-called "internet" thing. It's blinking red, which means it's just about dead. Plus, it's probably going to unleash some sort of unpleasant special attack. All in all, not something you probably want to have to deal with. Get along now. Ted Stephens knows what's best for you.

but I can't load the bullets so I can't use a gun
I can't have no children so I won't have a son
I can't get up early so nothing will grow
I'll lay on my land 'til the Sun hangs low
'til the Sun hangs low


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