Sunday, November 12, 2006

More duckish fuckwittery

He's been beating the shit out of this feeble premise since Wednesday. So he not only thought this was actually in some way clever--he thought it was clever enough to merit four days' worth of comics. I know that the comics page is littered with lameass strips that somehow refuse to die, but this is really pushing it. Shoe and The Born Loser may be like death warmed over, but you don't get the impression that they're written by smug, homeschooled fundamentalist twelve-year-olds. The above comic is my favorite out of the series, because it also features another popular MF trope: thinly-veiled racism! 'Cause we all know how those minorities get into good colleges...Ah, Mallard. You are a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

Also: James K. Poult. It ain't no Plover Cleveland, but it ain't too bad either.



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