Friday, December 08, 2006

Against the Blog: 2-6

This section features the phrase "the light over the ranges." I don't know if that's important.

Webb Traverse has become a shift boss at Hellkite. He has a fight with his daughter, Lake, who disappears for a week, to Silverton. She come back with money, which she claims to have gotten from betting on prizefights, but which Webb surmises--correctly--that she's actually been turning tricks. He ends up disowning her, and she goes back for more of the same. Mayva (Webb's wife, if you remember) argues with him over this, and ultimately leaves to be with her daughter.

Webb is all alone now. He meets a young man named Deuce Kindred working in the mines, and starts thinking of himself as a father figure. VERY BAD IDEA. Deuce is a spy/assassin in the employ of the owners. He has a partner by the name of Sloat Fresno. They subdue Webb, capture him, and start breaking his limbs. He's not dead at the end of the section, but he's not in good shape either. They are going to take him to a town in Utah called Jeshimon, where, apparently, people go to dispose of bodies.

On their way through Cortez, they are spied by a gunhand named Jimmy Drop, who knows Deuce from past work. Jimmy sees what's happening and tries to stop them, but they get away.



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