Friday, December 08, 2006

Against the Blog: 2-7

Frank Traverse is enrolled in "mining school." His brother Reef is basically a drifter/gambler. Reef wants Frank to come with him--for protection, or for advice, or just companionship; he's not entirely certain--to a town in Nevada where he has a woman. Frank accedes to this.

Reef's girlfriend is named Estrella Briggs, whom everybody calls Stray; she is very pregnant. She and Reef have had an argument, and now Reef is trying to fix things.

One night, Frank, unable to sleep, ends up hanging out with the schoolteacher who lives next door, Linnet Dawes. They end up preparing food together, and it's companionable. Frank is vaguely attracted to her.

The next day, Stray wants advice from Frank about Reef, but he's pretty unhelpful. He is also vaguely attracted to her.

Jimmy Drop calls on one of them new-fangled "tele-phones" to relate the news about Webb. Shit! Jimmy knows their headed to Jeshimon, although it's not clear to me how; Reef insists that Frank go back to look after their mother and sister while he deals with this. And they're off.



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