Sunday, December 10, 2006

Against the Blog: 2-8

Jeshimon is a town with a hell of a lot of debauchery as well as death. Often, the one leads to the other. Every single available tree or post in town has a corpse hanging from it. Having run out of places to hang bodies, the town started building these tower jobbies on which to place them. Like that Native American thing. Right! Reef talks about this stuff with a minister by the amusing name of Reverend Lube Carnal. The town's leader, referred to only as the Governor, who reigns over all this death. Reef finds his father's body, retrieves it from the tower it's on, and makes his escape. On the way back, reads aloud to his dead father a dime novel that he brought with him, The Chums of Chance at the Ends of the Earth. He also gets into semi-hallucinatory conversations with him.

Back home, the family--minus Kit--are the only ones at the funeral.

Reef goes back to Nochecita, where Stray gives birth to their child, a boy named Jesse. He plans on following in Webb's anarchistic footsteps, and is unsure about whether he should tell Stray about this, or try to keep it hidden.



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