Friday, December 29, 2006

Endless duckfuckery

Seriously, the nuttiness is coming so fast I can barely keep up.

I. Um. I. Fucking WOW. You've got to admire the chutzpah. I want to SAY something about this, but I'm afraid nothing I could come up with could possibly do it justice. And why does Pelosi look like Siouxsie Sioux? As with much Mallardiana, it is a mystery!

So which do you think is more likely: that Tinsley REALLY wanted to decry the shameful censorship of vegans and Marxists...or that he was so completely blasted while he was writing that he lost the thread of what he was saying between speech balloons, moving mid-thought from bashing academia to randomly listing people he hates? I know which side my money's on!

UPDATE: okay, okay--now I see that he must have meant "me" to be the first item in the list that includes "minorities," "vegans," and "Marxists." You can hardly blame me for not getting it, though. The way this little snippet of doggerel is written, it's counterintuitive to assume that there's supposed to be a comma rather than a dash separating the two. I don't know why Tinsley's been so obsessed with including horrible "poetry" in his comics lately, but he really needs to stop. He's even worse at it than he is at his usual shtick.

God knows what it is he imagines, in his diseased brain, that colleges are censoring to avoid offending Marxists and vegans (two great tastes that taste great together?), but what I'd *really* like to see is a series bemoaning all the racist things that he wants to say but can't for fear of offending minorities. What a barrel o' laughs that would be! And honestly, barely different than what he's been doing for years. Hey Tinz--your party's in the minority now. No need to bother with the thin veneer of PR-necessitated civility. G'wan and wallow in your hatred like a big fat piggie. You know you want to.

CORRECTION: a big fat drunken piggie.



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