Saturday, December 30, 2006

More bloodlust whee

Does the general gloating and exuberance over Saddam Hussein's execution squick me out? Oh you better believe it does. I'm not even going to include the usual mandatory "he was a bad person blah blah blah" caveats. I'm sure if you scour the internets carefully, you can already find trace amounts of that. I won't say anything about the reactions of anyone who lived under his regime, but I do think that the orgiastic celebrations here in the US are just another symptom (albeit a totally predictable one) that we live in a deeply diseased culture.

Update: this is a good summation of my feelings.


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Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

I couldn't agree more. Lots of death porn for everyone! And I also agree with your refusal to include the usual mandatory caveats. There is something cowardly about them - they're somewhat similar to the mealy-mouthed "the war was a great idea, but Bush just mishandled it" line of thought.

- SK

6:37 PM  

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