Monday, December 18, 2006

More genius Sun-Duhzette letter writers

I’m sorry, Mr. Xavier, I tend to agree, along with many other folks, with the man’s t-shirt that reads “welcome to America now speak English. In America we speak English, and I’m sure most Americans who don’t have a second language don’t appreciate hearing jibberish in another language.

OH NOES! "Jibberish" in another language! Does this writer seriously think that his myopic aesthetic idiosyncrasies should be the basis for US policy? Why does he apparently believe he has the RIGHT to listen in on strangers' conversations?

I work with the public, and what upsets me most the time is getting multi- culture people in my line who are in our America and don’t understand English whatsoever.

On the plus side for these immigrants, if they only have to learn the language up to this guy's standards, it shouldn't be too hard.

That is the point of those kind of t-shirts. Americans welcomed the mix of culture, but we wish that you would speak our language, that’s all.

Soooo...the point is "hi, I'm a xenophobic dickhead!" That works.

I don't expect to move to Puerto Rico and speak English and have Puerto Ricans be happy about it or even understand my language; the same respect should go here in America.

Yes. Here in America. As opposed to in Puerto Rico, which, of course, is NOT America. Puerto Ricans are most certainly NOT American citizens. And they would definitely be EXTREMELY UNHAPPY if they heard people speaking English, because English is NOT widely taught in Puerto Rican schools, and the majority of Puerto Ricans are NOT bilingual.

That should be the first thing they test immigrants on when they take the oath.

Oh, I don't know. Maybe having some rudimentary idea of what the United States actually IS should also be a high priority, eh?

C.J. Johnson


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