Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More Mallard

Yes. Goldangit, the Republicans just weren't rabidly conservative enough. Maybe if they'd invaded the shit out of just one more random country, or interfered in the affairs of one more dying woman, things would have turned out differently. Sigh...dream a little dream. Of course, I have no doubt that Tinsley would be every bit as vociferous in his criticism of the goopers had they won last month. Can there be any doubt?

One more thing: Compared to some of the people at places like dailykos, my political junkiedom is pretty mild, but I still find it strange that I have no idea who the fuck this "Pence" person he wants for President is. Okay, that's not really true; a google search reveals that it's probably this guy. I assume this is Tinz's congressman, but seriously--what the hell is he smoking? When's the last time a representative has been elected President? Has it ever happened? I certainly hope that the fact that Tinsley is floating this random, unknown guy for President is an indicator of just how shallow the gop field is. Yeah yeah--not that the Dems are all that much stronger in that regard. Help us, Al Gore--you're our only hope!



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