Sunday, December 10, 2006

Randumbosity: I haven't forgotten!

Okay, maybe I did forget. But so what, man? You can't push me around. You ain't the boss of me. I doan owe you nuttin. God, it's like STALINIST RUSSIA around here, I swear!

01. Reverend Glasseye, "God Help You Dumb Boy"
Inarguably, this is the greatest song title ever. And the song itself ain't so bad either! Great apocalyptic chorus. 10/10

02. Joe Strummer, "Burnin' Streets"
This is a really good quasi-psychedelic thing. We lost Joe MUCH too soon. 8/10

03. Psychedelic Furs, "Imitation of Christ"
For a long time, I only knew the phrase "Imitation of Christ" from this song; I didn't know it was an actual thing. Obviously, here the word means "cheap knock-off" rather than "emulation." Sort of clever. 7/10

04. The Pogues, "The Battle of Brisbane"
Okay but fairly inconsequential little instrumental. 6/10

05. Simon and Garfunkel, "The Only Living Boy in New York"
Okay, I kind of like this; I'm just embarrassed because it's so utterly uncool. Shrug. 7/10

06. Dead Can Dance, "The Arrival and the Reunion"
It's shorter than one might like, but it's very ethereal'n'shit. What you expect from DCD. 7/10

07. Squeeze, "Farfisa Beat"
Not Squeeze's most compelling, but still pretty durnibly catchy. 7/10

08. Jay Munly, "Country Train"
A lot of Munly's early stuff is...not too impressive, but this is a good, twangy thing. 7/10

09. DeVotchKa, "This Place Is Haunted"
I've realized I don't actually like this band all that much. In theory, maybe I should. But the Morrissey-esque vocals really don't work for me, and the music is rarely very compelling. A few decent songs here and there, but this is not one of them. Quite boring. I should really just delete this stuff. 3/10

10. 16 Horsepower, "Neck on the New Blade"
One of their eerier songs, and that's saying something. High fiddle high fiddle low fiddle low! 9/10


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