Monday, December 18, 2006

Walking into walls and making "duh" noises: it's the Williamsporter's way.

We have so-called "leaders" in Washington who delight in undermining our president and insist we need only "sit down and talk" with the Islamic fascists and make a few "trade offs".

I suppose it's "not necessary" to point "out" this letter's "most awesome feature." It is, "however," deeply satisfying "to me."

We don't have a "Tokyo Rose" in this war. Worse, we have the New York Times, the liberal media, 3/4 of the Democrat Party, 1/4 of the GOP and half the faculty of our public institutions of learning, cheering everytime someone of "importance" declares "We are losing this war......We can't win this war. Bush is the evil one!". Literally, "Booing the home team."

I have to say, I'd reeeeeally like to see some sourcing for these "quotes."

During WW II, even announcing the daily death counts for our enemies to know, heralding them as proof that we should tell President Roosevelt that "...we could not win the war against three enemies, (Japanese, Germans and Italians), and should bring the troops home," would have been considered verging on treason. Today, our enemies need only pick up the New York Times or look at the political cartoons in almost any newspaper or watch the evening news on TV, to get top secret military information and encouragement that the USA is about ready to give up.

Shit, dude--top secret military information! I hate to interrupt a perfectly good paranoid fugue, but I have to ask: shouldn't the military itself bear some responsibility for revealing classified information (of which I'd LOVE to see some examples, but never mind) to whatever random cartoonists happen to wander through the door?

This could be one of America's last years to openly celebrate Christmas. The ACLU's war on Christianity may be the least of our concerns. May the Lord open the eyes of our people!

I love the way he simply couldn't bring himself to leave out the War on Christmas™, even though it has nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of his "argument." I am in all seriousness really curious about what is running through this man's mind--whether he actually has visions of armed guards tramping through the snowy streets, forcibly subduing anyone who dares breathe the C word, dancing through his head. Will he have the decency to feel sheepish when his dire premonitions fail to come to pass? Don't bet on it!

Bryan Boss


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