Friday, January 12, 2007

Against the Blog: 3-5

Anyway, so this is back in England. Nigel and Neville are meant to be discreetly keeping tabs on Yashmeen while she's at school. Did you know that she's supposed to be involved with this Cyprian Latewood fellow? one asks. No way--the heir to Latewood's Patent Wallpapers? Crazy! Then they talk about making opium beer. They are clearly as feckless and sybaritic as ever.

Anyway, Latewood hangs out with his pals and moons over Yashmeen. She's only into her own gender, you fool, they tell her, but that does not cool his ardor. Yashmeen hangs out with her valley girl-ish companions, who think she and Cyprian are a bad idea. He's a "sodomite," you fool, they tell her, but that does not quell her interest. Her unwanted nickname among them is "Pinky."

During break, she goes back to TWIT headquarters, but doesn't find much to interest her. Lew Basnight's presence is unpredictable; he's always here and gone on missions. She becomes increasingly obsessed with the work of Bernhard Riemann and his famous hypothesis.

In the Fall, Yashmeen and Cyprian are both becoming increasingly non-excited about school. She in particular is caught up in her Riemann studies--which interest her much more than her sexual encounters with her various female companions. She decides to go to Göttingen to study mathematics. Cyprian is rather put out by this, but there it is. Professor Renfrew wants something from her, but what? To do something bad to his opposite number, Werfner, Grand Cohen Nookshaft (haha) hypothesizes. She receives in the mail, apparently from Renfrew, a promotional pamphlet for "Snazzbury's Silent Frock," a dress that cancels out sound--"every girl must have one. You never know when there'll be need. Your appointment has been arranged. Bring your charming friends" (500). So, she does. And then, seen off by Cyprian and her various girlfriends, leaves. Cyprian comes to understand that "none of 'this'--whatever it was supposed to be--was quite done with yet" (504).



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