Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Random dopiness

01. Jim White, “Sleepy Town”
I whisper beautiful secrets into the drainpipe at night. I think Jim White is probably one of the most acquired tastes ever, but I’ve done it. Sort of. I get the feeling I said the exact same thing the last time one of his songs came up. 7/10

02. Joe Jackson, “Get that Girl”
Soon, if I’m lucky! This is a great, exuberant song. 9/10

03. Milkcan, “Radio Signal Jam”
Insane Um Jammer Lammy-related nonsense. It’s not a song, but it’s entertaining. 7/10

04. Buck 65, “Riverbed 4”
Attempted suicide on a houseboat. Atmospheric.. 8/10

05. XTC, “Rocket from a Bottle”
Have I mentioned that I like XTC a lot less than I feel like I ought to? I mean, this song is okay, but eh…6/10

06. Gordon Bok, “Mr. Eneos”
I’m positive this song has come up before, but we’ll let that pass because it’s so darn great. Is the title character a Christ figure? 10/10

07. Kimagure Orange Road, “Look Back My Darling”
There are a lot of great tunes from this show, but I’m more or less indifferent to this one. 5/10

08. Dust Rhinos, “Big Man Sylvest”
Or something. It’s fast and fun. 7/10

09. Suede, “Astrogirl”
Apparently, I have a Suede completist (per Word, “completist” is not a word) compulsion, ‘cause otherwise why the hell would I have A New Morning on my ipod? This song…um. It has notes. It uses musical instruments of some sort. What more can be said? 4/10

10. The Undertones, “The Positive Touch”
It takes a positive touch! Er…exclamation points notwithstanding, this isn’t the world’s best Undertones song by any stretch. 6/10



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