Sunday, February 18, 2007

Against the Blog: 3-12

Lew Basnight in London. He meets with Police Inspector Vance Aychrome. Aychrome tells him about an antiques dealer named Lamont Replevin, who is currently representing the Hanged Man in the tarot thing we have going on that I don't totally understand. Replevin is apparently a devotee of a new kind of communication via coal-gas. They transfer some sort of wave via the gas. Apparently. He's involved in the Shambhala business, and the Inspector wants TWIT to look into it. The Grand Cohen (Nicholas Nookshaft--I shall never cease to be amused by that name) later tells him that this Replevin actually has a map of Shambhala. Which, of course, you need a paramorphoscope to view.

So Lew goes to check it out.

He picks the guys lock, and finds him, appropriately for the Hanged Man, hanging upside down. With his head in the stove. But, as it turns out, he's not dead; he was just enjoying the latest installment of a gas-borne soap opera, The Slow and the Stupefied. Lew says he broke in because he smelled gas, and that he's an insurance underwriter. Lew suggests that he might want burglary insurance for all his antiquities, and with this as a pretext is taken to see them. And there's the map! He takes photographs, surreptitiously taking some of the map itself.

Then, he takes his leave. A rather short section.



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