Sunday, February 25, 2007

Against the Blog: 3-13

Kit learns that, rather predictably, his fundage from Vibecorp has been cut off.

TWIT wants Yashmeen to return to their fold, apparently. They talk about math.

OH NOES! Kit sees Scarsdale Vibe's henchman Foley Walker! Walker threatens him in a vague sort of way.

The drug of choice for mathematicians in Göttingen is chloral hydrate. At one of their little gatherings, it turns out that Kit's pal Humfried has overdosed on this stuff, so they pump coffee in him, but he still needs medical attention, so Kit offers to take him to the hospital, until he is accosted by Foley, which...doesn't seem to lead to anything. In the hospital, Humfried vanishes, so they decide to hospitalize Kit instead, onaccounta being crazy.

So Kit's stuck in this sanitarium. Bummer. But then he's contacted by a TWIT agent, who is there in disguise--this part riffs a bit on the JFK "Ich bin ein Berliner" thing:

"He will not harm you," Dr. Dingkopf assured him as attendants adroitly steered the patient away. "He has come to believe that he is a certain well-known pastry of Berlin--similar to your own American, as you would say, Jelly-doughnut." (626)

This individual gets Kit sprung and meets Yashmeen--they meet up with Twit travel coördinator Lionel Swome, who tells them that they're to go to Switzerland, pretending to be eloping. This has something to do with Shambhala. From there, Yashmeen's supposed to go somewhere, while Kit travels east to Asia. He's meant to check up on Yashmeen's pa, Auberon.

Before leaving, Kit, Yashmeen, and Günther decide to pay a visit to the "Museum der Monstrositäten." There are math-related exhibits. Of course. Günther's traveling to Mexico, to look after one of his family's coffee plantations. And...that's about all.



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