Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ain't that ducky that you're lucky if you see...

That title is a reference that NOBODY who is not related to me is going to get.

I've heard of this study. In the lack of any contrary information, I'm going to believe the study in question, in spite of some reservations I've seen. HOWEVER:

1. Given the "fuck the poor" (amongst many others) attitude prevalent among right-wing types, it's hard to see how they WOULDN'T be seen as selfish. See that one Walter Williams column that I liked to on the Draft Walter Williams blog but that I can't be bothered to look up. HOWEVER

2. The fact is, this isn't any "conventional wisdom" I'VE ever seen.

3. Given that the study he cites appears to be legit, why in god's name does he also cite a column by fucking Jonah Goldberg? Is he TRYING to sabotage his own argument?

4. I am seriously willing to bet that if you take away money donated to churches, as well as hate groups like Focus on the Family and Concerned Women for America, the numbers are a lot closer.

5. You may give money to a charity, and it may even be a GOOD charity, but if you are concurrently supporting and voting for politicians who are in favor of eliminating all sorts of regulatory oversight, against making companies pay living wages, and cutting social programs all so they can fund meaningless, destructive this really a net gain?

6. From the Beliefnet story:

One [Brooks editorial] noted that people who drink alcohol moderately are more successful and charitable than those who don't (like him).

Insert Drunken Tinsley joke here.


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