Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sometimes liberals annoy me.

Burns: Now get out!
Lisa: I can't! My mom's not picking me up for an hour!
(awkward pause)
Burns: So, what do you think of today’s popular music scene?
Lisa: I think it distracts people from more important social issues.
Burns: My god, are you always on?

We're apparently not permitted to make extremely juvenile jokes at the expense of raging right-wing assholes. My godz, people. As someone who HAS been pretty seriously overweight, and may well be again, 'cause who knows how the winds of time may...blow us around. and stuff., can I just say that Daffyd ab Whatsit photoshopped with a six-foot sub is FUNNY in an absolute sense. Would I EVER have personally taken offense at something like this? Don't be idiotic. It ain't funny 'cause ha ha fat people suck; it's funny because it's incredibly juvenile. It seems like you'd have to be PRETTY MONUMENTALLY SELF-ABSORBED to think this was all about you.


Jarvis Cocker's "Cunts Are Running the World." Nobody with ANY familiarity with Pulp's oeuvre would imagine that Jarvis was a misogynist, yet apparently we cannot talk about the song without bemoaning the use of the word "cunt."


And of course of course OF COURSE: We can't just enjoy a rather standard sex act; no, we have to spend massive amounts of time pondering its sociopolitical ramifications. Crikey.


You know I'm all about fighting the good fight no blood for oil save the whales smash the patriarchy stop the war against the poor almost anything else along those lines you can THINK of, but come ON. I can't claim not to be a narcissist to some extent; otherwise, why would I imagine anyone would be interested in reading this crud? But this really takes it to another level. We're allegedly all about raising up the oppressed fighting for egalitarianism and what not, but would anyone in the world with actual problems possibly GIVE a flying fuck about this stuff? It's a good thing there aren't any funny conservatives, 'cause if there were, they could do a deadly parody of this mindset. The Manics' "Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My Children" is really starting to resonate with me here.


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

I don't know: in some sense, maybe it's better that they care about this bullshit than if they were to, heaven forfend, turn their serious little minds to "serious" issues. These days, I've really come to detest the Human Rights 'Liberal', who is always very concerned about human rights violations in every remote corner of the globe, regardless of whether or not they actually take place there, and yet has no problem whatsoever with using depleted uranium against Serbia, because a Democratic president did it in the name of "stopping genocide." These are also the same people who cry bitter tears when an Enron-type billionaire gets jailed in Russia, and forget about all the poor people that he had victimized in the preceding decade.

I remember I was reading dailykos one time, and some guy had linked to a certain right-wing, but strongly antiwar website. Immediately one of their Elite, Respected, Highly Advanced Front-Page Posters jumped in denouncing the website on the grounds that, oh mah gawd, it criticised Nancy Pelosi, and then he accused the guy posting the link of having an "agenda." After seeing this recur again and again, I basically stopped reading. As far as I'm concerned, people like that are basically neoconservatives who just happen to be more socially liberal than the common strain.

In some sense we should be happy that Dubya was so incompetent in the way he thrashed around and jumped from one excuse to the next in his pathetic attempts to justify the Iraq war. If he had been smarter about it, and cloaked it in "humanitarian" rhetoric from the start, it could have had support for much longer.

- SK

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